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Our team provides a world class cargo service with our SAAB 340 freighter aircraft to a wide customer base in both the contract and ad hoc cargo markets, including courier parcels, mail distribution, automotive, spares manufacturing and live animals.

The maximum payload for the SAAB 340 is 4200 kg and we can carry pallets of standard and non-standard dimensions up to 1*685 km. The aircraft has a Class E cargo compartment, which includes barrier net and a cargo door with dimension 1,30 m x 1,35 m.

We offer a go-now ad hoc flight service and can be airborne within 90 minutes from our strategic located bases (subject to crew availability).

If you have an urgent enquiry, call us +372 502 7559 for an immediate quote, or contact one of the specialists on

NyxAir SAAB340B Cargo freighter


  • Homebase: Tallinn (TLL) / Ostrava (OSR)
  • Number of a/c in fleet: 2
  • Max 950nm / 1760km range
  • Max 283kt / 530km/h
  • Cargo capacity: 4200kg