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The ATR 42 is a reliable, economical aircraft for regional flights manufactured by the French-Italian joint venture Avions de transport régional/Aerei da Trasporto regionale. The efficient turboprop engines enable take-offs and landings even at small regional airports, making the aircraft very popular among regional airlines throughout the world.

The aircraft type has the most advanced air navigation systems and are considered one of the most modern, comfortable, and safe to operate turboprops for all types of airports, on short and medium-range regional routes.

The ATR 42 offers exceptional flight conditions: Spacious dimensions of the passenger cabin with four comfortable leather seats per row, folding service tables, wide visibility for its numerous windows, reading lights, individual air conditioning outlets and spacious carry-on baggage compartments.

  • Can take off and land even on very short runways
  • Economical travel through high fuel efficiency
  • Extremely reliable

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